Weinberger Biletti Immobilien - Abrechnungen

Weinberger Biletti Immobilien - Calculations

Calculations serve to control the handling of foreign assets by the house management. The wishes of our customers are very diverse: some want short summaries to receive an overview and go into detail if needed. Other want a detailed list of all payment transactions: For us, both wishes are easily fulfilled. The results from the customer surveys are used every year to consistently improve the illustration of our calculations.

Accompanying calculation evaluation:

Our evaluations that customers receive as a special service along with the calculation are very popular: This way, comparisons of the cost developments over the course of several years or also an account validation of the calculation are possible. The amount of the trust monies is visible at a glance and also provided by included account statements. This way the actually available money and the balances of the individual calculation positions can be traced easily. We create them individually and adapt to special requirements: Because ultimately, not just any illustration counts, but only the one that the customer wants.

Our renters value the professional management of their assets. Frequently it is not enough to present a determination of profit. Periodic listings are popular, which enable you to analyse the development of the inflow/outflow numbers over longer periods of time. Accounting tenants receive the real estate accounting in periods for monthly sales tax deduction, by request this can be done online.

For investors in real estate we book on the basis of cost centres in order to be able to list evolutions of single projects easier.