If you decide to trust us with your property in the future, we provide you with the following services.
We state that these are tasks of regular management pursuant to the residential property law 2002.

General management services

  • We represent the property owner association in all issues of regular management.
  • We call in an owners´ meeting in a two-year interval.
  • We take care of the judicial and extra judicial representation in the framework of the regular management of your property.
  • We represent you towards authorities, revenue offices and arbitration boards, insofar this is not reserved for other professional groups.
  • We enforce legal claims in association with the regular management of your property and handle them for you.
  • We ensure adequate insurance of your property.
  • We handle the renting of general parts to non-owners.
  • We conclude service and work contracts (cleaning and maintenance contracts and others) in the name of the residential building association for you.
  • We supply you with an annual cost preview for your property. This is based on the investment plans you stated or planned changes of the residential building association.
  • We handle damage processing with the insurance in case of damage.
  • You receive access to the owners area on our homepage. We provide you with various documents and property related data in this password protected member area.

Services of our accounting

  • We create your operating costs and repair cost reserve calculation including all required receipts at the latest by June 30th of the calculation period of the following calendar year.
  • We create all calculations relevant for the property (elevator calculations, heating cost calculations and laundry room calculations, individual water calculations…)
  • We form adequate reserves. The assessment is done on money market accounts at the special conditions granted to our office for monies due daily.
  • We handle all payments and services in the framework of proper management – including legally effective receipts and booking. The monies of the residential building association are kept and managed on an escrow account opened to the name of the residential building association.
  • We determine the monthly living costs and collect them for you. Every owner is sent 6 payment slips every half-year – each for the amount of the monthly living costs. Owners that have issued us a direct debit mandate are informed about changes of the payments in writing.
  • We handle dunning and the legal prosecution of arrears.
  • We create the tax declarations of the residential building association for the revenue office.
  • We takeover payroll accounting for house caretakers and/or cleaning personnel.
  • We take care of the procuring of loans for the coverage of regular maintenance and improvement work.

Service of our technology department

  • We keep evidence of warranty terms and handle the enforcement and handling of warranty and damage compensation claims from ongoing repairs.
  • In case of an insurance damage we conduct a damage survey.

We are your competent partner in restoration issues

In the framework of our construction management we offer you the service of taking over the construction organizational processing of larger construction measures and restorations that do not occur on a regular basis. The specialists of our department building technology & restoration handle

  • the professional tender,
  • the supervision of the professionals work,
  • the final approval and
  • the calculation.

We inform you that the remuneration for such large restoration projects is not offered as a lump sum, but depends on the order volume. Due to our longstanding experience in the processing and coordination of such projects, as well as due to our network of cooperation partners on the professional side we are usually able to offer you an attractive cost structure.